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Testing of new billing system going well

We wanted to update our customers on how our migration to the new billing system is progressing.

As you know, in October we moved all USD billing clients to a new web site and a new billing system. The move has been extremely successful and we haven’t run into a single issue. This is very encouraging for us as we move towards a more unified system so that we can continue to scale our business and better support our customers.

Two of the new features that our customers will experience on a regular basis is the support system and customer portal. Our support system no longer requires customers to login via the web. This feature was very important to us because we know that a lot of our users don’t always have access to a web browser and prefer to just send in an email to our support team.

The second feature is our brand new customer portal. We’ve made it even easier to manage your personal information and web hosting accounts under a single, unified system. We’ve even built the portal directly into our brand new design.

In late December, we plan to complete phase 2 of our upgrades and move over our CAD billing customers to the new design and billing system.

We’ll announce more changes once we have completed that as well as continue to update you on our progress.

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